Fear of a Blacked planet

The alt-right is obsessed with interracial porn. Are they revolted by it—or turned on?

Justin Ward


Content warning: This article contains uncensored excerpts and screenshots of racist, misogynist, violent, dehumanizing and homophobic language.

The alt-right talks about interracial porn. A lot. Most of these conversations revolve around the belief that the genre is part of a Jewish conspiracy to slowly eradicate the white race through miscegenation.

However, for a bunch of people who are ostensibly disgusted by interracial porn, they sure do seem to know an awful lot about it. From some of the discussions that take place on 4chan’s “politically incorrect” (/pol/) imageboard, the alt-right’s home base, one might mistake them for aficionados.

Of course, some of this is “bait,” where a user will pose as a “cuck” singing the praises of “BBC” to troll others. They’ll post images of hardcore interracial porn along with the a red, black and green “black power” flag. But on 4chan, the sincere merges seamlessly with the ironic. It’s hard to tell if they’re jokingly “confessing” to watching interracial porn or genuinely admitting it.

The bottom line is that these posts betray an intimate familiarity with the subject matter.

Curiously, most of the black porn stars they know by name and can identify by sight are men. Aside from a few big names like Teanna Trump, who gets mentioned sparingly, black female porn stars rarely make an appearance on /pol/.

They’re mostly gabbing about the “bulls,” like Lex Steele and OG Mudbone.


Judging from their posts, they’re primarily into a specific type of interracial smut: black male-white female (BMWF). Were he alive today, Frantz Fanon wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.



Justin Ward

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