Latest Immigrant Caravan Conspiracy is Coming From Liberals

Justin Ward
5 min readSep 24, 2021
Haitian refugees line up for relief at Camp McCalla (U.S. National Archives)

In 2018, Robert Bowers carried out the deadliest antisemitic hate crime in US history, killing 11 Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh. He chose the Tree of Life synagogue as the target for his massacre because of its work with refugees. Bowers had been whipped into a murderous frenzy by far-right “Great Replacement” conspiracy theories that alleged Jewish billionaire George Soros was the hidden hand behind a caravan of Honduran immigrants.

At the time, liberals said that Donald Trump had blood on his hands. They rightly called out Trump for boosting these false, inflammatory claims and legitimizing them through the presidential office. But today, many of the same people who blasted Trump for fake news and fearmongering are spreading disinformation about Haitian refugees at the border.

From #Resistance to BlueAnon

The latest immigrant conspiracy theory is coming from the anti-Trump #Resistance on Twitter.

“Jason Miller” is trending on right now. Thousands of anonymous #Resistance accounts are calling attention to the brief detention of the Trump aide earlier this month in Brazil. They are claiming that this is evidence of baseless conspiracy theories about the right orchestrating the mass migration of Haitians from South America.

The most notable of these is an account calling itself “ALT-Immigration.” Like many of the “alt” government Twitter accounts that emerged in the Trump years, ALT-Immigration is of dubious origins. It has nearly 200,000 followers.

It has picked up steam with the help of several prominent #Resistance accounts, such as author Don Winslow, John Oberlin and various pseudonymous Democratic Twitter posters with large followings.

This has all the hallmarks of a classic conspiracy theory.

You take a complex question — How did thousands of Haitians show up in Texas?— and offer a simple explanation that seems plausible to people who are already predisposed…



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