Norse prison living in the heart of Seattle

For just $900 a month, you can live like a convicted Norwegian rapist. Apply today and get an Amazon gift card!

The author’s current residence. Compare to cells in Norway’s so-called luxury prisons: Halden and Bastoy Island. (Justin Ward)
A high-rise under construction in UDistrict. The city has approved upzoning in several parts of the district. (Justin Ward)
I used to share this old house on 12th Ave. NE with four others. My landlord bought it for $1.4 million with the intent of redeveloping. Our combined rent didn’t even cover his property taxes. The apartment building he plans to build will bring in nearly $70,000 a month in revenue. (Justin Ward)
Artist rendition of the future apartments. Gossett Place (the building on the left) is a public housing building that serves the homeless. A converted hotel, it has slightly fewer units occupying a lot that’s twice as big. (Seattle Dept. of Construction and Inspection)

Journalist, socialist, activist. Founder and co-chair of DivestSPD. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler, GEN. Follow on Twitter: @justwardoctrine, @DivestSPD

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