Tucker ditches the dog whistles

After years of nodding to white nationalism, the Fox host suggests whites are on a slippery slope to genocide

Justin Ward
3 min readJun 25, 2021


Tucker Carlson at the 2018 Student Action Summit in Florida (Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-SA)

In 2019, Tucker Carlson got a letter from long-time fan Dylann Roof. The convicted mass murderer, who massacred nine Black churchgoers in Charleston, told the Fox host that he was “uniquely positioned to do something great.” Roof urged Carlson to openly embrace white nationalism, writing that Carlson “could bring the more mainstream following you currently have over into racial nationalism, making them more comfortable with the transition.”

Though he stopped short of Sieg Heil-ing on national television, Carlson took a giant step in that direction this week in a segment titled “Anti-White Mania.

The phrase “diversity is a codeword for anti-white” has long been a staple of white nationalist propaganda. Carlson is merely substituting the current conservative boogeyman “critical race theory” to make the same line of attack more palatable and relevant to mainstream conservatives as they careen farther and farther to the right.

Carlson dialed the frothing-at-the-mouth rightwing hysteria up to 11, suggesting that we’re on the road to white genocide. “How do we save this country before we become Rwanda?”

White genocide” is another stock concept used by neo-Nazis. Also known as the “Great Replacement,” it’s a repackaging of age-old racist fears of miscegenation mucking up racial purity and being “outbred” by non-white races. The mechanism of this “genocide” is covert and nonviolent, which makes it all the more pernicious, according to white nationalists.

In many ways, what Carlson said on cable TV to an audience of millions is far more radical than your standard David Duke fare.

Whereas your basic white genocide conspiracy theory says that whites are being tricked by the Jewish-run media into being gradually erased and displaced via mass immigration and intermarriage, Carlson is…



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